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The deacon ministry at OBC is focused on meeting the needs of our church by way of five ministry teams – Mercy, Outreach, Worship Support Service, Operations, and the Deacon Leadership Team. Nearly 30 men who meet the biblical qualifications of a deacon, commit to three-year terms of faithfully serving our church and supporting the vision and efforts of the Shepherding Team and staff.


The Leadership Team focuses on the development, training, accountability, recruitment, and support of the Deacon Teams.


The Mercy Ministry Team focuses on the care and visitation for the widow, grieving, homebound, and elderly OBC members in need. This team actively recruits non-deacon members to aid in this ministry.


The Outreach Team focuses on the connection of OBC members to parachurch ministries in New Castle County, as well as the support of outreach events facilitated by our church.


The Worship Service Support Team focuses on the production and logistics of our Sunday Services, including Chair setup, Audio/Visual, Communion, Guest Services, Baptisms, and Security monitoring during services.


The Operations team oversees the upkeep and beautification of OBC’s physical property, including buildings, grounds, transportation, and information technology.





John Kaczowka

John and his wife Jamie have been members of OBC since 1989. Over the years, John has, among many other roles, served as a deacon and as a group leader in Student Ministry. He and Jamie serve faithfully in the high school Sunday Bible Study each Sunday.


Dinaker Mallya

Dinaker has served in many capacities at Ogletown since joining in 2011. He has taught in Greenroom, provided leadership in the young adults ministry, and led a Guest Services team. Din and his wife Rachel currently attend the Next Steps Sunday Bible Study. 


zach mellinger

Zach and Christine have three children - Judah, Grace, and Joella, and have been members since 2011. Zach has previously served in the deacon ministry and currently serves with the Royal Ambassadors and in Kids Connection. Zach and Christine attend the OnTrack Sunday Bible Study.



Daniel and Sharon have three children: Jacob, Rachel, and Isaac.  Having attended OBC since 1999, Daniel has served in a wide variety of ways including in the Kids Connection, on the Property Committee, in teaching Sunday Bible Study, and through the transportation and technology needs of OBC. Daniel and Sharon attend the General Studies Sunday Bible Study class.




Ola Banjo

Olakunle “Ola” and Olusade “Esther” Banjo joined Ogletown in March 2017. The Banjos have been faithful and active in church ministry for several decades. They also have three children: Emmanuel, Tolu, and Toby. Both Ola and Esther are regular members of Jeff Geshay’s (On Track) Sunday Bible Study. 


Ray Clark

Ray and Kathi have been long-time members of OBC and have served the church in a variety of ways, such as leading events for the Joy Fellowship group. Ray has served as a deacon previously, as well as being an usher, choir member, bus driver, and member of the Operations team. They are both members of Jim Eliason’s (Generations) Sunday Bible Study. 



Steve became a member at OBC in 2016. Steve has previously served through the children’s ministry, while currently serving on a guest services team and leading the Young Adults/Post College Bible Study and attends the Verse-by-Verse SBS class.


Evan Hollins

Evan and Patricia have one son, Carlisle. Evan has been a member at OBC since 2015. While serving at OBC, Evan has also served as a volunteer Young Life leader since moving to Delaware. Evan and Patricia help lead the Student Ministry Sunday Bible Study.


JOhn Stonkus Sr.

John and Angela have four adult children and have been members of OBC since 2001. They are actively engaged with the International Student Group, including regular service in the International Student Sunday Bible Study. 


Jon Wittman

Jon and Sue Wittman joined Ogletown in March of 2017. They have been faithful and active in church ministry for decades, with Jon having served as a deacon in previous churches. Currently, they both attend Jeff Geshay’s (On Track) Sunday Bible Study. Jon has also occasionally provided instrumental accompaniment in the first service.




Willy Ho

Willy and Susan Ho have been members of OBC since June 2011. For several years they have both faithfully served as teachers: Willy in the adult Sunday Bible Study class, Accessing the Word, and Susan in Kids Connection. Willy is also a member of the Personnel Committee.



Jon Eric and Jenna became members at OBC in 2017. A teacher by vocation, Jon Eric also serves by teaching a 5th grade class. Jon Eric and Jenna attend the Verse-by-Verse Sunday Bible Study class.


Larry jester

Larry and Barbara have been members at OBC since 1991. Larry has previously served in the deacon ministry, VBS, and currently serves as a building host. Larry also teaches the Singles (35+) Sunday Bible Study.



Doug and Susan Roberts have been members of OBC since February 2004. For the last few years, Doug has been part of the leadership team for Men’s Ministry. Both Doug and Susan are members Verse-by-VerseSunday Bible Study, and they also serve on a Guest Services team.


Henry speed

Henry has been a member of OBC since May 2013. Since then he has served on the Security Team and as a Guest Services team member. Henry is a member of Jeff Geshay’s (On Track) Sunday Bible Study, and he is also taking classes through the NextGen seminary group.


Roger watkins

Roger and Ginny Watkins have been members of OBC since 2013. They attend the OnTrack Sunday Bible Study. Roger has been actively involved in church ministry throughout his adult life.


Neil Webster

Neil and Nancy have been members of Ogletown since 2011. Actively engaged in coaching high school athletics, Neil has also faithfully served in prison ministry. Neil and Nancy attend the OnTrack Sunday Bible Study. 



Matt jones

Matt Jones joined Ogletown Baptist Church in 2012, the same year he spent the summer as a missionary in the Philippines. Before this time, he was actively serving at Baptist Student Ministry, as a student leader. Matt currently helps serve in the Student Ministry, is currently on the Missions Committee at OBC, and helps lead the Young Adults Bible Study


Ken Ogada

Ken and Sarah have one child, Grace, and have been involved in teaching as well as being a part of the guest services team. He has attended Ogletown since 2000.


JOhn Stonkus Jr.

John became a member at OBC in 2001. John and Kaitlyn were married in July 2017. They are currently involved in the Young Adults/Post College Bible Study, and are active on the Guest Services team. John and Kaitlyn attend the Verse-by-Verse Sunday Bible Study.



James Edinger

James became a member at OBC in 1997. Since that time, James has served in a variety of different ways. Currently, James serves with Guest Services and is on the Missions Committee. James attends the Next Steps Sunday Bible Study.  


Mike JOhnston

Mike has attended OBC since 1987. Mike and Heather have served in Kids Connection, Student Ministry, and with our Audio/Visual team. They have also been involved in fostering with many families at OBC, and recently adopted Frankie in 2018.


Larry larraga

Larry and Marion Larraga joined Ogletown in 2011. For over 40 years, he has served the Lord through leading worship. Larry and Marion have three grown children and they attend the Verse-by-Verse Sunday Bible Study.


Trevor Lee

Trevor and Jaime Lee have been members of OBC since May 2014. Trevor and Jaime both faithfully serve in Student Ministry each week. On Wednesdays and Sundays they are group leaders for middle and high school students. They also assist in a variety of ways with our Audio/Visual Team. 


Rob poore

Rob and Donna have three children, Micah, Max, and Miles, and have been members of OBC since 2003. The Poores actively participate as teachers in Kids Connection, with Rob also serving as an usher.


Carter Rockey

Carter and Mary have two children, Emilee and Savannah. Having attended OBC since 2004, Carter has served in Kids Connection and with the Audio/Visual team.