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next steps


Teachers: Champ Thornton & Blake Hardcastle • Room: E222 • Type: All Adults

A welcoming place to take your next steps in your walk of faith here at OBC. Get to know other people through informal discussion; and get to know God’s Word through brief and focused teaching. During the summer of 2018, we will be learning what God says about the real meaning of life on this great, but very messed-up planet. We’ll be studying the book of Ecclesiastes together.

VERSE by verse

Teachers: Patrick Fieger & Seth Asher • Room: E118 • Type: All Adults

This class offers a verse-by-verse study of God’s Word, typically covering just a few verses each week. All ages are welcome—but be sure to bring your Bibles; God’s Word will be our study guide. This summer, we will be studying the book of Isaiah.


Teacher: Wayne Marsh • Room: M209 • Type: All Adults

This class will be combining with the Generations class in E224 for the summer.


Teacher: Jim Eliason • Room: E224 • Type: All Adults

This class is for those who desire to know God’s Word, and want to live it out daily in a troubled world. The goal of our instruction is love that comes from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. (I Timothy 1:5) “Therefore we will always remind you about these things, even though you know them and are established in the truth you have.” (II Peter 1:12) We are currently studying the book of 2 Samuel.

strolling through the scriptures

Teachers: John Mason • Room: E213 • Type: All Adults

This diverse and interactive class studies through books of the Bible using a verse-by-verse and gospel-centered approach. Come build your understanding of Scripture, your dependence on Christ, and your relationships with others. This winter, we will apply the ideas of law, covenant, and sacrifice to a study of Hebrews.


Teacher: Jeff Geshay • Room: E218 • Type: All Adults

The summer finds us moving through some important biblical books: Genesis, Exodus Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Join us for informal discussion and the encouragement of God's Word and fellowship! 

Christ followers

Teacher: Rick Ogburn • Room: E207 • Type: All Adults

Adults of all ages engage in facilitated, guided discussion. Our goal is to grow in the knowledge of God and as a community of Christ as we support each other in prayer and encourage each other and the church. This summer, we will continue “Matthew for Everyone,” a study by N.T. Wright.

General studies

Teacher: Jim Manning • Room: E223 • Type: All Adults

Welcoming all ages, this interactive class uses a verse-by-verse or thematic study of Scripture to develop a Christian worldview. For the summer, we will be studying the Gospel of Mark.



Teachers: Nathan & Jamie Walters • Room: E212 • Type: Ages 18-25

Our class is designed for college-aged students, 18-25 years old, with the purpose of equipping and training them for life by understanding the gospel, reading Scripture, and developing a biblical worldview. This summer, we will be going through the book of Acts and looking at how this story of the beginnings of the church points us to Christ.


Teachers: Carl Saquing & Angela Stonkus • Room: E221 • Type: International Students

For any who are interested in understanding what Christianity and the Bible are about. This class is especially for people who have English as their second language. This summer, we will be doing a study on the Gospel of John.

singles 50+

Teachers: Roy Cunningham & George Nichols • Room: E209 • Type: Singles (50+)

This summer, this class will be studying the book of Joshua, the first book of the Old Testament which bears the name of its principal character. The book will show a “man in who was the spirit” and who “wholly followed the LORD.” Our purpose will be to learn from “his story” how we, too, can “wholly follow the LORD” in our everyday walk with Him! 


Teacher: Bud Robeson • Room: M115 • Type: 70+

For men and women over 70, this encouraging class studies and discusses books of the Bible in order to determine what is God’s will and how to live it out in life. The biblical book for this summer is the book of Acts.

women of faith

Teacher: Bette Mitchell & Lois Robeson • Room: M113 • Type: Women (50+)

Women, usually over the age of 50, meet together for friendly and caring fellowship and to grow in their faith. Each week offers an interactive study of a book of the Bible. This study will be focusing on people of the Bible for the summer.

singles (35+)

Teacher: Larry Jester • Room: M114 • Type: Singles (35+)

This discussion-based class seeks to increase students’ understanding and application of Scripture. This friendly and prayerful class aims both to provide supportive, caring relationships within the class and also to encourage ministry to others outside the class. The biblical book for the summer is Exodus; our theme will be: “Removing Israel from Egypt and Removing Egypt from Israel.”

changing lives through gods word

Teachers: Doreen Turnbo & Pat Hopkins • Room: M117 • Type: Women

For women who are either new Christians or those who just enjoy smaller groups, this caring class seeks to help women grow in their understanding of the Bible and of God’s love for them. The biblical book for this summer is Genesis.


Teacher: Mickey Turnbo • Room: E211 • Type: 50+

Men and women over the age of 50 gather each week for a friendly, guided discussion of a portion of God’s Word. This class emphasizes understanding what Scripture teaches and learning how to practically apply it to life. The biblical book we’re studying this summer is II Samuel.



Teacher: Willy Ho • Room: E106 • Type: Special Needs

All are welcome to this fun class aimed to serve people with special needs. The goal of this class is to reveal the great God of the Bible and to apply that truth to everyday life. Our study this summer will be Stories About Life in Egypt, focusing on Genesis 37 – Exodus 13.