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A community group is a made up of OBC members who commit to spending time together at least once a month. These gatherings in homes are opportunities to enjoy meals together, share burdens, pray, and talk about life in Christ. Click the button below to explore what groups are currently open. You’ll find that no two groups are alike.

Joining a Community Group is an exciting next step for church members. And if you’re not a member, we hope you’ll check out Starting Point—a great place to begin experiencing community at OBC.


How do I join a group?

Beginning September 8th, you can explore the various groups by clicking the FIND A GROUP button above (opens 9.8.19). After you browsing through the group options, you can request to join or visit by clicking the “Join this group” button to contact that group’s leader to learn details about meeting times and ask any questions you may have.

AM I guaranteed a spot in a group I request to join?

Groups are typically limited to 10-12 people, so when church members request to join, if there is space available, bringing in new additions to a group is simple. If you can't find an open group, please let us know!

I’m not yet a member — what are my options?

If you’re not an Ogletown member, we’re thinking about you, too. First, we hope you join our church; we want to care for you well. But if you’re putting your toe in the water, you’ll want to know about Starting Point. This is a monthly taste of what a Community Group is like. It’s a great place, before becoming a member of Ogletown, to see for yourself. Learn more about this group by clicking on the FIND A GROUP button above. (coming 9.8.19)

Is childcare provided?

Some groups offer free childcare, some organize sharing the cost of a babysitter during the groups’s meeting times, and, some don’t. Please check out the description of each group to find out if childcare is provided.

When and where do groups meet?

No group is exactly alike. Some groups may meet every week, some every other week, and some once a month—and on different days of the week. Most groups meet 1-2 times per month in the home of a group member (usually the leader's home).


If you’re interested in leading a group in the future, that pathway comes through being an active member of whatever group you’ve joined. For more information, contact Pastor Champ (cthornton@ogletown.org).